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August 2018:

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

CD 375 Design of Corrugated Steel Buried Structures replaces BD12/01 in Volume 2.Section 2.Part 6
CD 526 Spacing of Road Gullies replaces HA 102/12 in Volume 4.Section 2. Part 3

Asset Data Management Manual (ADMM)

The ADMM sets out Highways England’s asset data requirements to achieve both its corporate objectives as well as its asset management objectives. It brings clarity and consistency to reflect our asset data needs and is revised every six months to accommodate changes and expansion to the business needs.

The ADMM contains the company’s asset data requirements to ensure the company collects and maintains the asset data it needs to operate safely and efficiently. It is for use by anyone creating, maintaining or using data on behalf of or within Highways England. It is composed of four documents:

Additionally a Revision Log and Change Request Submission Form are provided with each new version of the ADMM.

Asset Data Management Manual v7.0

Revision Log & Change Request Submission Form

Earlier versions of ADMM are available on request with an explanation of why an older version is required. Additionally, if you have any change requests, feedback or queries, please send them to