Stage 4: Commission and Assessment

Strategic Actions associated with this stage. This step signifies the hand over point from the innovation provider to the Agency. This step aims to optimise the overall performance of the innovation through a period of calibration and fine tuning. This stage includes the overall innovation’s commissioning, its calibration and fine tuning and subsequent assessment in accordance with the predefined assessment framework. Through this stage it is unlikely that a pilot will be terminated however unforeseen results may become apparent with any pilot. The business case should be reviewed to ensure that assumptions made are still valid. The continuous monitoring and assessment of the pilot is an integral element of this stage and any adverse occurrences should be rapidly identified. Response to such situations, particularly those in connection with safety and the environments, must be swiftly implemented and appropriate consideration given to the termination or modification of the pilot. Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage. Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 5 Stage 5 Yes No


Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage include:

  1. Calibration certificates
  2. Assessment report
  3. Updated business case
  4. Updated project programme
  5. Updated resource requirements (including operations)
  6. Updated maintenance strategy
  7. Updated stakeholder management strategy (including communication plan)
  8. Updated risk management plan and register

The size and scale of the pilot will determine the extent to which each of these outputs is developed. It is expected that all these aspects will have been considered and form part of the overall stage review prior to continuation to Stage 5 or alternatively the termination of the pilot at Stage 4.