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Guide for the Design, Management and Delivery of Pilots and Trials on the Highways Agency Network

This process provides a guide for the design, management and delivery of pilots and trials on the Highways Agency network when an innovation, whether a service, system or item/product, is proposed for consideration.

This guide has been developed through consultation with a range of practitioners involved in the delivery of pilots and trial and also draws on international best practise and experience.

Through the early consultations with practitioners it was clear that there are number of common issues that need to be addressed to ensure the successful delivery of a pilot or trial, whatever the size and scale of the pilot or trial being delivered.

The issues identified have been addressed through the development of the guide process. The guide is split into six different stages to reflect the activities and issues that need to be addressed through the life cycle of a pilot or trial. The guide process for the design, management, delivery and evaluation of pilots or trials is divided as follows:

The progression from one stage to a subsequent one is subject to the review of the continuing feasibility, attainability, viability, validity and impact of the pilot. A series of continuing activities need to be progressed through all stages of the pilot, these include:

Within the guide process there is advice on the level and type of activities needed at each stage of the pilot. The guide also provides guidance on the type of issues that should be considered in moving forward with a pilot or trial. The guide has been developed to help practitioners involved in the delivery of both small and large pilots and trials. However, it is recognised the extent and depth of each end of stage review will be appropriate for the scale of the innovation under consideration. Through the use of the guide, The Agency will improve the overall design, management and delivery of pilots and trials on its network.

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