Stage 0 – Feasibility Checklist


Stage 0 – Feasibility Is the innovation to address a major issue or concern?
  Is the innovation in line with the HA vision?
  Does the innovation fit within with HA business plan?
  Can the outline requirements and expectations of the innovation be clearly expressed?
  Does the HA have the required capability & experience to trial/pilot the innovation?
  Is anyone else working in this area?
  How does this innovation differ from others?
  Are there any other similar innovations globally?
  What is the probability of success?

Can other parts of Gov - UK provide assistance?

If feasible have you completed a PT1 form and sent it to the Regional Operations Board?
A - Programme Management: Programme What are the likely time frames for the overall programme?
  What is the likely duration of the pilot?
  Does this project impact on, or could be affected by other pilots in the programme?
A - Programme Management: Skills What skills are required?
  Are external skills required?
  Have the best skills within the HA been made aware of the innovation? Are they involved?
  Is there any conflict of interest?
A - Programme Management: Resources Are the resources available for the pilot?
  Has the project sponsor been selected and appointed?
A - Programme Management: Financial What is the estimated cost of the pilot?
  What are the potential benefits of the innovation?
  What are the likely cost implications of implementing the innovation nationally over the HA network?
B - Stakeholder Is there a stakeholder management strategy in place?
  Have all the potential stakeholders been identified?
C - Procurement What are the possible procurement options?
  Is there more than one party proposing this innovation? What are the partnership arrangements?
  Are there any Intellectual Property Right (IPR) considerations?
D - Risk Have the key risks been identified?
  Is the risk of the pilot/trial very high, high, medium or low?
Learning Capture Have the HA fed in lessons learnt from other similar pilots?
  On balance should the innovation to be piloted proceed further at this time? Yes, No or at a later date