Stage 1 – Aims and Objectives Checklist


Stage 1 – Aims and Objectives Is the innovation scope clearly defined?
  Are there any substantial changes to the scope of services or contract since the feasibility review?
  Has the pilot clear aims identified?
  Are there clear boundaries to the pilot?
  Has the pilot measurable objectives?
  Have the user needs been clearly identified?
  Does the innovation still align to the HA strategy?
  What are the unique selling points (USP) of this innovation?
A - Programme Management: Programme What are the likely time frames for the overall programme?
  Are all the milestones clearly defined and understood, and are they achievable?
A- Programme Management: Resources Are the resources going to be available when the pilot commences?
  If resources are not available, how else could the pilot be delivered?
  Are any sub-contracts or significant supply contracts involved?
A- Programme Management: Skills Are the skills required within the HAs core competence? Do these need to be procured?
  Are there alternative ways of delivering the pilot?
  Can the key deliverables be matched with the internal / external skills?
A- Programme Management: Financial Are the potential impacts associated with the risk assessment realistic?
B - Stakeholder What stakeholder consultation has taken place?
  How significantly will the pilot impact the stakeholders?
  Are there any other collaborators in this pilot?
  Has a Stakeholder Management Strategy been defined?
  Is there an understanding / commitment from all relevant HA internal parties?
C - Procurement What is the proposed form of Contract / Agreement?
  Is a joint venture proposed? If so, what sort?
  Have the decision criteria been considered?
D- Risk Has a Risk Log been developed?
  Is there a risk management plan?
Learning Capture Have the HA fed in lessons learnt from other similar pilots?
  If terminates share lessons learnt
  On balance should the innovation to be piloted proceed further at this time? Yes, No or at a later date