Stage 2 – Innovation and Assessment Requirements Checklist


Stage 2 – Innovation and Assessment Requirements Have the aims and objectives changed?
  Are there any substantial changes to the scope of services or contract since the aim and objectives review?
  Have the functional requirements for the innovation been clearly defined?
  Have the physical requirements for the innovation been clearly considered and defined?
  Have the communication requirements for the innovation been clearly considered and defined?
  Do the detailed innovation requirements still align to the HA strategy?
  Can any changes to the requirements of the innovation be identified? Have their implications been considered?
  Is there any departure from HA standards? What is required to make the innovation a standard? Are these being assessed?
  Have the potential performance impacts for the innovation been identified? Both positive and negative? Locally and nationally?
  Has a methodology for assessing the individual and collated impacts been developed?
  Is the co-ordinated assessment framework dependant upon activities outside the direct control of the pilot?
  Has a clear evaluation plan and programme been developed?
  Does the assessment framework make use of elements of the innovation? Can assessment be verified independently?
  What are the criteria for the pilot test location? How important are the various aspects?
  Have suitable sites been identified? Do they fully meet the criteria?
  Has a plan been developed to address health and safety and environmental impact concerns?
For technology based pilots and trials, has the TTD Code of Connection been applied?
A – Programme Management: Programme What is the service delivery programme?
  Are the milestones still clearly defined and understood, and are they achievable?
  Are the key deliverables matched with a resource plan?
  Have the resources been agreed with the stakeholders?
  Are Health and Safety and / or Environmental Plan required and in place?
A – Programme Management: Resources Are the resources available for the job?
  Has a full manning schedule been produced?
A – Programme Management: Skills Are the skills required within the HA’s core competence? Do these need to be procured?
  Can the key deliverables be matched with the internal / external skills?
  Is there independence between the innovation and the assessment?
  Have the requirements been reviewed independently?
  Has the assessment framework been reviewed independently?
A – Programme Management: Financial Are the potential impacts associated with the risk assessment realistic?
  Confirm appropriate cost benefits assessments have been completed?
  Have costs estimates for the innovation been prepared? Including contingency?
  Has the cost of the assessment been estimated? Including set up and analysis?
  Has any cash flow predictions and mitigated against any risk assessment?
B - Stakeholder Have all the key people in the stakeholder’s organisations been identified?
  Is there assigned responsibility to manage the relationship at all levels?
  Is there an understanding and commitment from all relevant HA internal parties at the appropriate level of authority?
  Has a communication plan been developed?
C - Procurement Is the form of Contract / Agreement agreed?
  Are there any additional legal responsibilities such as CDM, Principal Contractor duties?
D - Risk Has the Risk Log been updated?
  Are there any specific Safety / Environmental risks?
  Has the risk management plan been reviewed?
  Are there risk mitigations in place?
Learning Capture Have the HA fed in lessons learnt from other similar pilots?
  On balance should the innovation to be piloted proceed further at this time? Yes, No or at a later date