Stage 4 – Commission and Assessment Checklist


Stage 4 – Commission and Assessment Has a schedule to calibrate the innovation been developed?
  Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined?
  Has the assessment framework methodology been implemented?
A – Programme Management: Programme Are the key deliverables matched with a resource plan?
  Is the project programme in place? Does it need updating?
  Are Health and Safety and / or Environmental Plan required and in place? Does it need updating?
A – Programme Management: Resources Are all the resources in place?
  Have satisfactory contractual arrangements been finalised?
A – Programme Management: Financial Did the HA achieve the financial objectives?
B - Stakeholder Have the relationships been well managed?
  Have any press release been prepared?
  Have the PR opportunities been maximised?
C - Procurement and Maintenance Have the critical success factors been achieved?
D - Risk Is there a clear risk management plan in place?
  Is there a robust change management procedure in place?
  Are the contingencies clearly defined?
Learning Capture Have the HA fed in lessons learnt from other similar pilots?
  On balance should the innovation to be piloted proceed further at this time? Yes, No or at a later date