Stage 5 – Completion and Dissemination Checklist


Stage 5 – Completion and Dissemination Is there further opportunity for the development of the pilot?
  Have the pilot deliverables, records, certificates etc been archived?
  Have lessons learnt been disseminated?
Have the project reports been sent to the Research Compendium?
A - Programme management: Skills Have the HA skills be extended through this pilot?
A - Programme management: Programme Are there any outstanding deliverables, (and what action is taking place to complete)?
  Have project plans been completed?
A - Programme management: Resources Have all non essential services or resources been decommissioned or redeployed?
  Have the resources/suppliers performed as expected and did they have the necessary skills for the pilot?
A - Programme management: Financial Did the HA achieve the financial objectives?
  Is there any ongoing liabilities?
B - Stakeholder Have the relationships been well managed?
  Have any press release been prepared?
  Have the PR opportunities been maximised?
C - Procurement Have the requirements of the Contract been fulfilled?
  What are the residual liabilities?
D - Risk To what extent did the identified risks materialise?
  Were there additional risks identified that should have been identified earlier?
  Were the safety / environmental risks managed effectively?
  Has change management been robustly executed?
  Has the contingency been robustly managed?
Learning Capture Have the HA fed in the lessons learnt to other similar pilots?
  On balance should the innovation to be piloted proceed further at this time? Yes, No or at a later date