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October 2018:

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

BD27/86 Withdrawn from Volume 3.Section 3.Part 2
CD 360 Use of Compressive Membrane Action in Bridge Decks Revision 1 replaces CD 360 in Volume 3.Section 4. Part 20
CD 526 Spacing of Road Gullies Revision 1 replaces CD 526 in Volume 4.Section 2. Part 3
GG 119 Road Safety Audit replaces HD 19/15 in Volume 5.Section 2. Part 2
CD 236 Surface Course Materials for Construction replaces HD 36/06 in Volume 7.Section 5.Part 1

IAN 156/16R1 Revision of Aggregate Specification for Pavement Surfacing is withdrawn (see CD 236 in DMRB)