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October 2018:

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

BD27/86 Withdrawn from Volume 3.Section 3.Part 2
CD 360 Use of Compressive Membrane Action in Bridge Decks Revision 1 replaces CD 360 in Volume 3.Section 4. Part 20
CD 526 Spacing of Road Gullies Revision 1 replaces CD 526 in Volume 4.Section 2. Part 3
GG 119 Road Safety Audit replaces HD 19/15 in Volume 5.Section 2. Part 2
CD 236 Surface Course Materials for Construction replaces HD 36/06 in Volume 7.Section 5.Part 1

IAN 156/16R1 Revision of Aggregate Specification for Pavement Surfacing is withdrawn (see CD 236 in DMRB)

Technology Management and Maintenance Manual

The TMMM (November 2017) sets out Highways England's requirements for the management and maintenance of traffic technology systems.