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4th May 2016: IAN IAN 192/16 added to IANs Page.

1st April 2016: IAN IAN 188/16 added to IANs Page.

29th February 2016:

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

HD 32/16 Maintenance of Concrete Roads
HD 39/16 Footway and Cycleway Design

Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works

Volume 1 Series 000
Volume 1 Series 200
Volume 1 Series 600
Volume 1 Series 700
Volume 1 Series 800
Volume 1 Series 1000
Volume 1 Series 2100
Volume 1 Appendix F
Volume 2 NG100
Volume 2 NG200
Volume 2 NG600
Volume 2 NG700
Volume 2 NG800
Volume 2 NG1000
Volume 2 NG2100
Volume 2 Annex 1

3rd December 2015: IAN IAN 161/15 added to IANs Page.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that the planned updates of the MCHW and DMRB scheduled for November 2015 are now expected to publish in February 2016 to allow time to carry out necessary detailed checks of the new content. We are increasing the formats that the DMRB and MCHW are available in, but rest assured documents will also be available freely as usual.

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12th October 2015: IAN IAN 187/15 added to IANs Page.

30th September 2015 - Design Manual for Roads and Bridges: Volume Contents Pages and Alpha-Numeric Index.

30th September 2015 - HD 27/15: Pavement Construction Methods

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