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IAN 161/15 Smart Motorways, superseded by GD 301 Smart Motorways

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

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Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW)

Please note: If you are responsible for preparing contract-specific information and requirements using the MCHW please see the NG Series in Volume 2.

The Volume 2 NG Series contains templates of appendices referred to in the Volume 1 Series.

MCHW Table of Contents
Volume Content
Volume 0 Manual Contract Document for Major Works and Implementation Requirements Volume 0 contains the Model Contract documents for Highway Works and includes the instructions for tendering and typical contract documentation for the preparation of contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of the Trunk Road network in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works Volume 1 contains the requirements and approvals procedures for work, goods or materials used in the construction, improvement or maintenance of the Trunk Road network.
Volume 2 Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Highway Works Volume 2 gives advice and guidance in the implementation of the specifications given in Volume 1, as well as examples of tables and appendices necessary for the contract.
Volume 3 Highway Construction Details Volume 3 contains drawings to be used in the preparation of contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of the Trunk Road network
Volume 4 Bills of Quantities for Highway Works Volume 4 gives the method of measurement and the bills of quantities necessary for the tendering and evaluation process.
Volume 5 Contract Documents for Specialist Activities Volume 5 contains contracts for specialist activities such as geodetic surveys, ground investigation, mechanical and electrical installations in road tunnels, movable bridges and bridge access gantries, as well as trenchless installation of highway drainage and service ducts
Volume 6 Departmental Standards and Advice Notes on Contract Documentation and Site Supervision Volume 6 contains advice on the use of substances hazardous to health in highway construction and the New Roads and Streetworks Act. Information and requirements for Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 can be found in IAN 105/08 which replaces SD 10/05 and SD 11/05